Pastor Placement Process

Step One - Meet with the Church
The vice president for personnel meets with the church and explains

the pastoral placement process. A survey, based on the vision priorities
that were voted at Constituency in November of 1995, is given to the
church. The survey is to be filled out and returned to the conference office.

Step Two - Meet with the Church
The president or his designee facilitates a meeting with the entire
church. The members present at this meeting are asked to discuss freely
the church’s current situation, and where they think God is calling them in
the future, as well as talk about the needs of the community.
People brainstorm with the president about the qualities a pastor will
need in order to help them accomplish the vision that God has given to
their congregation. People should feel free to share names of potential
pastors at this time.

Step Three - Personnel Committee and EXCOM
The Personnel Committee meets to discuss the information obtained
by the president during his visit with the church, and reviews the result of
the survey. At this time the committee also hears the results of the
referencing that has taken place concerning prospective names. One name
is sent on to EXCOM to be voted as a call to the prospective pastor.

Step Four - Church and Prospective Pastor Meet

Conference leadership facilitates a meeting between the local church
and the prospective pastor. The pastor meets with the church. Everyone
is free to ask questions. At the end of the discussion, a straw vote is taken.
While this vote is not binding on the Conference, it gives an indication of
how things might go. If it is obvious that the church and the pastor will not
be a good mix, that will be passed on to the pastor and he will be advised
not to accept the call.